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What our Customers Say about nailKALM®

"I am so happy this is available online NOW! This was the only thing that worked on my big toe fungus. I asked my doctor for a prescription or something for it and she just said it will heal on it's own and that unless I am a foot model, I need not be concerned! The gall... just kidding. I would gladly post a picture but might be a bit off-putting to some. Yes, I took a picture of the toe with all it's fungal nastiness."
"I have had this fungal infection on my big toe for the past 4 years. I have tried most of the advertised treatments in the market without any success. When I tried nailKALM®, I already observed results after the first month and continued progress until my nail was completely cleared of infection after 10 months. I heard that the fungus usually returns after a few months after being completely cured but with nailKALM®, I have my big toe still looking good even more than a year after the infection has been cleared. nailKALM® definitely works!"

Name: C.C (Melbourne)
Nail Infection: 4 years
Affected part: Big Toenail
Previous treatments: Has tried all anti-fungal agents in the market without success.

"I have had persistent nail fungus in one nail for some time. I did not want to take the medication for fungus by mouth as then my doctor would have to check my liver functions, as the treatment is for 6 months and can affect the liver. This has worked really well - my husband bought it for me as it allowed me to wear nail polish while getting treatment. Cannot recommend it enough."
"Absolutely, quite an improvement using nailKALM®. I had this nail infection for more than 10 years or even longer. I can swear by nailKALM®, having used a number of expensive and toxic preparations over many years, with never any real resolution. I have tried most of the available treatments. I even went through the prescription program, including fungal culture by my GP to allow Authority Prescription PBS access to the expensive oral treatment. Three months later, there was little improvement and I gave up. That was years ago and the condition persisted. The first photo was taken in 30 September 2015, before treatment with nailKALM®, followed by another photo taken 6 weeks later (12 November 2015). The final photo I have taken long more than a year after but I would say that my nail reached that state within 12 weeks. So around 12 weeks to fully eliminate and grow the nail out."

Name: J.K (Melbourne)
Nail Infection: 10 years
Affected part: Big Toenail
Previous treatments: Has tried all anti-fungal agents in the market without success.

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