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Bring your feet back to life with nailKALM®

An effective anti-fungal agent, that is clinically proven to provide effective treatment and care for unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections.

  • May also help to reduce fungal nail blemishes
  • 100% organic, non-toxic active ingredient (AMYCOT®)
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • 100% Australian made

Other points for consideration:

  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Penetrates the nail
  • No need to file the nail
  • Treats fungal infections

Try nailKALM® for 90 days and if you are dissatisfied with the results, we will refund your money.

nailKALM® is an effective anti-fungal agent, that is clinically proven to provide effective treatment and care for unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections

nailKALM® has also skin repair capabilities - it accelerates regeneration of keratinocytes. AMYCOT® is the active ingredient in nailKALM®.

It's a powerful natural ingredient derived from Arthrospira maxima (Spirulina), a naturally occurring micro algae (cyanobacterium). The biosource of this product has its origin in one of the earliest forms of plant life on our planet earth. It is a microscopic, water borne, single cell plant that has been used for centuries as a highly nutritious source of food containing very high levels of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The antifungal activity of AMYCOT® is due to a putative enzymatic action that destroys the chitin/chitosan polymers found in the fungal cell wall. Damage to the polymers causes the fungal walls to collapse, eventually killing the fungus.

Tests have shown nailKALM® stimulate the growth of the skin derived cells such as keratinocytes thus, enhancing skin, nail and hair growth. KALM® products are naturally derived, and non-sensitising.

As AMYCOT® is a plant based product there may be changes in colour and smellfrom batch to batch. This is caused by changes in the climatic conditions during the growing period. Also, should you notice that a clear liquid appears at the top of the flask, do not be concerned, the plant material absorbs water during processing and sometimes releases some of this later. If this does occur, give the tube or bottle a vigorous shake.

For best results, wash and dry the area thoroughly before applying nailKALM®.

Apply a small amount on your finger or direct on the toe nail ??and lightly rub into infected nail(s) (face, border, quick of nail and under nail), twice daily (morning and night) or as recommended by your Healthcare Professional.


AMYCOT®*’s efficacy has been validated in multiple clinical trials. It has been shown to have no side-effects when applied topically.

* The sole active ingredient in nailKALM®


Potent fungicidal effect destroys the fungal cells, killing the fung

  • 100% eradication for tinea and onychomycosis after treatment1
  • Mycological cure rate 92.8%
1. Parekh et al: Double blind clinical study of a natural anti-fungal topical treatment against tinea and onychomycosis

Supporting clinical trials

Furthermore, a number of investigator-initiated and formal clinical trials have been completed:


Investigator-initiated clinical trial conducted by Dr Uwe Höft Germany 2005. The antifungal effect of AMYCOT® preparations (8% Lotion and 12% Cream) were tested in ten patients with heavy to moderate infections for 14 days. All test subjects showed an extreme fungal activity greater than 96% (assessed by spore count) at the beginning of the trial. One week after beginning treatment, the degree of infection was reduced to less than 72% and all patients experienced a positive change in the original symptoms. At the end of the study, 14 days later, the fungal activity had reduced to less than 18% in nearly all test subjects.

Conclusion: Under the stated considerations (treatment period = study duration), the preparations are more effective than previously known medications.


Investigator-initiated clinical trial conducted by Dr Howard Dinowitz, USA 2006

Fifty subjects in New York were treated over a period of 90 days with a combination of 12% AMYCOT® cream and 8% AMYCOT® lotion. The cream or lotion was applied to the fungal nails twice daily for twelve weeks. A scale of comparison, the Bonkelascale, was used to define the objective changes that were observed from Class 4 (most severe) which indicates one or more of a thick, discoloured and dystrophic nail with mal-odour and pain and limitation of ambulation; through to Class 1 (least severe) in which the nail is affected but with no mal-odour, pain or limitation of ambulation. There were ten patients who started in class 4, 26 patients who started in class 3, 11 patients who started in class 2 and 3 patients who started on class 1. In all classes studied, an average of 80% of the fungal nails applied with 12% AMYCOT® cream or 8% AMYCOT® lotion demonstrated an improvement of one full class. An average of 15% demonstrated an improvement of two full classes.A remainder of 5% demonstrated either full recovery or remained unchanged.

Conclusion: It was made apparent that by topical application of either 12% AMYCOT® cream or 8% AMYCOT® lotion a significant qualitative and quantitative improvement of the onychomycotic nail took place.


Investigator-initiated clinical trial conducted by MG and AM Freeman Queensland 2011.

This independent trial was conducted with 10 subjects diagnosed with Onychomycosis (verified by microscopy and/or culture) and treated with nailKALM® Lotion over 3 months with a follow up at 6 months. The results showed 100% clearance on 70% of the subjects after 3 months, 100% clearance of 80% of the subjects after 6 months and 20% of the subjects did not complete the treatment.

Conclusion: nailKALM® Lotion has a definite clinical benefit in the treatment of Dermatophyte Onychomycosis infections.


The trial was a double blind, placebo controlled, randomised, single centre, efficacy and safety study. Fifty patients were screened and 28 patients with severe tinea or severe onychomycosis were enrolled. The sample size for this study was computed based on the results from a previous open label, non-comparative multi-centre study on the 1% oxiconazole cream and lotion anti-fungal [Jerajani et al (2000) Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 66:188-92). Based on these assumptions, there was over 95% power to detect a significant difference between the AMYCOT® and placebo groups with 14 subjects per group (28 subjects overall) at 5% level of significance, and assuming a 20% dropout rate.

Tinea patients used cream (12% AMYCOT® (9 patients) or placebo (9 patients)) twice daily for 4 weeks and were examined weekly. Fungal nail patients used lotion (8% AMYCOT® (5 patients) or placebo (5 patients)) twice daily for 12 weeks and examined monthly. This patient group was observed for an additional 3 months during which the lotion was applied once daily. The disease severity before and during treatment was


Infection typeFungi typeMycological CureClinical Cure
Onychomycosis E floccosum (1/1) 100% (1/1) 100%
Onychomycosis T mentagrophytes (2/2) 100% (2/2) 100%
Onychomycosis T rubrum (2/2) 100% (2/2) 100%


Infection typeFungi typeMycological CureClinical Cure
Onychomycosis E floccosum (0/2) 0% (0/2) 0%
Onyochomycosis T rubrum (0/1) 0% (0/1) 0%
Onychomycosis T mentagrophytes (0/2) 0% (0/2) 0%

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1. Freeman AM and Freeman MG. Nailkalm (Arthrospira maxima) for the treatment of dermatophyte nail infections. Australasian Journal of Dermatology 2011;52 Suppl 1: 25

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